A sappy-ass story written for ‘The Daily Post” daily prompt – ‘Magnetic’



Edgar was two when his mother left him. She had been shopping in the local Stop N’ Go when she left her cart to get some apples from the produce section. Edgar sat in the front of the cart, swinging his little feet back and forth, waiting as patiently as was possible for a two-year old.

But Edna didn’t return. Turns out, she didn’t leave to get some apples. She just left. Period. Edgar sat for a long time in that shopping cart, his little feet still swinging and his Velcro sneakers rhythmically banging the metal of the cart behind them.

“Where’s your Mama?” someone said from behind Edgar. Being an infant, Edgar didn’t respond, but he smiled and waived his little hand at the someone who came into view. She was a middle-aged woman with plump features and a shocking puff of red hair on her head. Edgar giggled and reached out toward her again.

The woman looked around frantically, calling out, “Is this someone’s baby?” to the entire produce section. A few people looked up, but no one claimed the fat little infant.

“Well, shit.” she sighed, looking at Edgar, as tiny string of drool swung from his little baby lips.


Sixteen years later, that red-haired woman watched as Edgar folded his lanky frame into the old blue Chevy truck and started up the tired motor.

“Now you be safe,” she said. Edgar smiled and leaned out the window, resting his arm on the frame. “And come home soon. I worry about you.”

“It’s just college, Mama.” Edgar replied with a smile. “I ain’t going into the Army.”

“I just don’t wanna lose you, son.” she said, hesitantly.

“You wont,” Edgar sighed. “You’re stuck with me forever.”

The red-haired woman sighed, kissed her son on the forehead and watched as he pulled out into the dusty street.

She shook her head with a smile and whispered, “Well, shit.”



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